Changing the lifeblood of America, and the world, from oil to ingenuity is a huge task.

It is too big to be accomplished by anyone.

At JPods, we take the ant approach to eating an elephant, small bites, lots of friends. We will provide anyone that wants to help and participate with the tools to design JPods solar-powered mobility network. We have a program so that people creating ideas and opening markets can share in the value that is created. We created tools to help those who want to help:

  • RouteTime™ (download).
    • Sourish led the effort to integrate v into JPods concepts to estimate travel times, loads, vehicles required, etc…
    • Here is a link to an overview video.
    • You must have Java installed (download).


  • Plugin 3D SketchUp® and GoogleEarth® (download).Christina led the effort to integrage JPods concepts into 3D modeling in Sketchup and GoogleEarth. You may see references to railroads in this because she adapted it from software she wrote to build railroads.


  • WebClerk software (Mac and PC) to support ticket sales, maintenance, and building of networks. (Mac app only) .