$1.7 Trillion/year

Traffic costs Americans about $1.7 trillion per year: $425 billion per year for oil. $871 billion per year in accidents, alternate data source. 40,100 road-deaths in 2017. 2.31 million injuries in 2013. $305 billion per year in congestion. $109 billion per

5×5 Standard

Constitution of Missouri Socialism, government monopolies, tax the people to fund the ideas of bureaucrats while denying people “enjoyment of the gains of their own industry”. The following 5X5 Standard allows free markets to compete with the current government transportation monopolies

Design Networks

Changing the lifeblood of America, and the world, from oil to ingenuity is a huge task. It is too big to be accomplished by anyone. At JPods, we take the ant approach to eating an elephant, small bites, lots of

About Us

Our Approach We are implementing the 5X5% Performance Standards: Privately funded construction Solar-powered mobility networks 5X (times) more efficient than roads 5% of gross revenues paid to use public Rights of Way Regulated by existing Georgia laws for theme park