Within a Solar Budget Most life and all human civilizations until the last century have lived within a solar budget. We have vastly greater understanding of science, materials, engineering and technology than at any other time in human history. We

5X5 Standard

The Problem: Climate Change, resource depletion (US Peak Oil was in 1970), $22 trillion in Federal debt buying and defending foreign oil, sacrificing soldiers in perpetual oil-wars since 1991, oil-dollar funded terrorism, and disregard for eight Presidents calling for an


10X to 50X Lower Costs By removing the 2-tons to move a person in a car/bus/train and the repetitive start-stops of traffic, JPods networks operate with 10X to 50X the efficiency of current transportation networks.   Working Family Costs In

ATL JPods Network

As communication networks digitized replacing rotary telephones with the Internet, transportation networks will digitize. News on the digitizing of transportation networks: Global Hyperloop Network Personal Rapid Transit Systems Digitizing Mobility Following is a summary of the capital flows to implement